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Our Purpose

Asserting dominance in the Feed Mixer Industry, we provide customised and reliable machines, coupled with unparalleled support for the beef, dairy, and wildlife industries. This commitment keeps us at the forefront of Southern African agriculture.

Our Products

Diamond Implements at a


  • Proudly South African, dedicated since 1974.
  • 50 years prioritising service and parts availability for minimal downtime.
  • Machines built for resilience in harsh African conditions.
  • Constant adaptation to diverse feedlot needs, from startups to large operations.
  • Recognized market leaders in Southern Africa’s Feed Mixer Industry.
  • Specialisation in both Stationary and Mobile machines for industry-wide versatility.
  • Comprehensive support: 7-day-a-week backup, replacement parts, and in-house scale technician.

Why invest in our Vertical

Feed Mixer?

  • Explore our extensive range of Stationary and Mobile Feed Mixers, providing tailored solutions for every feedlot, whether small or large.
  • Customise your mixers to suit your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance.
  • With Diamond Implements, downtime is minimised as we maintain stock on all essential spares, even for the old RMH Feed Mixer Range.
  • Benefit from our full-time backup and replacement parts service, supported by our skilled in-house scale technician.
  • Our ‘Cutter-Mixer-Feeder’ machines eliminate the need for pre-cut roughages, streamlining your feeding process.
  • Versatility is our strength; our mixers can handle high percentages of roughages, whether WET or DRY, as well as concentrates or licks.
  • Featuring a heavy-duty planetary gearbox of Italian origin, our machines are built for lasting durability.
  • Rest easy with our 12-month Warranty, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.

Efficient mixing performance.
Low maintenance cost.
Quality build for optimum performance.

Existing customers in

Commercial Feedlots