• Diamond Implements are market leaders in the Feed Mixer Industry in Southern Africa.
  • Our purpose is to manufacture quality,reliable and cost effective Feed Mixers.
  • We are a proudly South African Company.
  • All our mixers are built for the harsh African conditions.
  • We are constantly reviewing our existing range to suit our customer base in the farming and commercial manufacturing sector which we have gathered over the last 30years.
  • Our customer base vary from feedlots ranging from small units up to 40,000 head.
  • Beef and sheep breeders – poultry and pork industry.
  • Commercial feed manufactures.
  • We have a 7 day a week back up and replacement parts service and an in-house scale technician.
  • We specialise in Stationary and Mobile machines to suit the needs of the whole industry.


  • Diamond Implements was founded in September 1974.
  • In October 1979 Diamond Implements acquired the dealership for the world renowned Feed Mixer Manufactures –Lachish–RMH–Israel
  • In 1986 Diamond Implements was granted a licence to manufacture the Lachish–RMH range in South Africa comprising of the RMH 212 ,RMH 310 and RMH 580 Horizontal Mixers.
  • In 1996 Diamonds Implements started manufacturing the Vertical and Horizontal range to suite the local conditions.
  • We have delivered a reliable product  in the Feed Mixing Industry for more than 40 years and we remain committed to the Agriculture and Feed Industry