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Operator’s Manual

Mixing volume (Cubic meter). – 5

Load Capacity (Heavy density feed ration). – 1500kg

Load Capacity (High roughage feed ration). – 750kg > 1000kg

Recommended Tractor power required 37kW (50 Hp)

Width, Conveyor up (mm)2550

Width, Conveyor down (mm) 2950

Total Height ground to top (mm)2520

Overall Length (mm)3600

Empty Weight (kg)2040

All measurements and weights are approximate, and can change due to technical progress.

Standard Scale + load cells

Single Auger + Knives + Stainless steel reinforced edge.

Heavy Duty Planetary Drive.

Stainless Steel Liners inside the bin.

Standard Feed Scale + Load Cells

PTO Drive shaft

Anti-Overflow ring.

Hydraulic Operated Discharge Conveyor chain.

Hydraulic Operated Door. 

Smart Feed Scale (feed management system)

Polycon Display Panel

37kW (VSD) Variable Speed Drive (Stationary mixer option)

37kW Electric Tractor (Stationary mixer option)

Hydraulic Powerpack (Stationary mixer option)

Hydraulic Conveyor – 5 or 8 meter (Stationary mixer option)

Electric Conveyor – 5 or 8 meter (Stationary mixer option)

Discharge Magnet